• 2 more episodes TV on demandBeat My Build
    Thu 17 Apr, 17:45 - Wed 14 Sep
    Two fiercely competitive property developers in Manchester go head to head to make the most profit from renovating a semi...
  • 2 more episodes TV on demandBeat the Ancestors
    Churchill's Rocket Parachute
    Mon 21 Oct, 19:00 - Tue 21 Oct
    Channel 5
    During WWII, Winston Churchill asked scientists to improve the accuracy of supply drops, which the team must also try to...
  • 2 more episodes TV on demandBigfoot Files
    Sat 12 Apr, 21:00 - Wed 19 Oct
    Mark Evans visits America's Pacific Northwest in search of 'Sasquatch'. In 1958 a digger driver called Jerry Crew found a...
  • 1 more episode TV on demandBrave
    Thu 28 Mar - Wed 25 Jun
    Sky Disney
    Pixar heads to the Scottish Highlands for this engaging tale about Merida (voiced by Kelly Macdonald), a feisty warrior princess...
  • 4 more episodes TV on demandBrave New World with Stephen Hawking
    Wed 4 Jan, 04:40 - Mon 31 Dec
    Channel 4
    The experts unearth the amazing breakthroughs that are transforming the resilience and strength of the human body. Mark Evans joins...
  • TV on demandBriefings
    Briefings - Ed Miliband
    Sat 12 Apr, 22:30 - Sun 20 Apr
    BBC Parliament
    Recorded coverage of Labour leader Ed Miliband's speech on economic development and the devolution of power to city regions, from Tuesday 8 April.
  • TV on demandBritain's Crime Capitals: Crime Map
    Crime Map
    Sat 12 Apr, 03:30 - Thu 9 Apr
    Channel 5
    Nick Wallis ranks the UK cities most affected by crime.
  • TV on demandBritain's Last War?
    Britain's Last War?
    Tue 18 Jun - Wed 18 Jun
    Sky News
    Jeff Randall reports on whether the British Army can do its job in the face of massive cuts to the...
  • TV on demandBritain's Nazi King
    Britain's Nazi King
    Wed 1 Sep - Sat 29 Nov
    This is a tale of treachery, corruption and depravity at the heart of the British monarchy. There has been a...
  • TV on demandBritain's Strangest Pets
    Sat 4 Jan, 13:00 - Wed 17 Sep
    Pet-owner Nathan has travelled to Bulgaria to buy four camels and are part of the family. Even at mealtimes.
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