• 1 more episode TV on demand70-Stone and Almost Dead
    70 Stone & Almost Dead
    Fri 14 Mar, 16:00 - Thu 23 Oct
    This fascinating documentary follows one man's mission to lose weight and save his own life.
  • TV on demandBaby Face Brides
    Baby Face Brides
    Sun 2 Feb, 21:00 - Tue 13 Jan
    Documentary following three couples from different parts of the country preparing to wed.\r\n
  • 2 more episodes TV on demandBar Rescue
    Bikini Bust
    Wed 2 Apr, 19:00 - Fri 2 May
    Jon Taffer visits Extremes in Orange, California.
  • 7 more episodes TV on demandBen Fogle: New Lives in the Wild
    Mon 7 Apr, 20:00 - Tue 13 May
    Ben heads to a remote part of Texas to visit an ex-city slicker.
  • 7 more episodes TV on demandBotched Up Bodies
    Botched Up Bodies: Brides
    Sun 6 Apr, 21:00 - Fri 20 Mar
    Documentary about substandard cosmetic surgery done prior to weddings.\r\n\r\n
  • TV on demandBritain's Strangest Pets
    Sat 4 Jan, 13:00 - Wed 17 Sep
    Pet-owner Nathan has travelled to Bulgaria to buy four camels and are part of the family. Even at mealtimes.
  • TV on demandCan't Stop, Won't Stop: Hoarding
    Can't Stop, Won't Stop: Hoarding
    Sun 23 Feb, 21:00 - Tue 17 Feb
    Documentary about those who just cannot part with any physical items.
  • 26 more episodes TV on demandCelebrity Big Brother
    Celebrity Big Brother: The Final
    Thu 30 Jan, 16:00 - Thu 31 Jul
    Who will be the winner of Celebrity Big Brother: Casey, Dappy, Jim, Luisa, Sam or Ollie?\r\n
  • TV on demandClosing Time
    Closing Time: Newcastle After Dark
    Sun 13 Apr, 21:00 - Tue 7 Apr
    Documentary looking at closing time kick-out in Newcastle and the problems it causes.
  • 5 more episodes TV on demandCountdown to Murder
    Slaughter at the Farm: Countdown to Murder
    Sun 15 Dec, 21:00 - Fri 14 Nov
    Jeremy Bamber was found guilty of killing his whole family.
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