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  • TV on demandAlan Partridge's Mid Morning Matters
    Fri 19 Apr - Fri 5 Jun
    Sky Atlantic
    Alan Partridge broadcasts his unique brand of edgy chatter as host of radio show Mid Morning Matters, and he is...
  • 3 more episodes TV on demandBlue Bloods
    Knockout Game
    Thu 10 Apr, 23:00 - Sat 10 May
    Sky Atlantic
    Danny and Maria are called in to investigate when an expectant mother becomes the latest victim of a vicious teenage...
  • 5 more episodes TV on demandCloudstreet
    Tue 1 May - Sat 31 Oct
    Sky Atlantic
    As the absorbing Australian drama concludes, secrets are revealed, new beginnings are made and the Lambs and the Pickles become...
  • 2 more episodes TV on demandDavid Attenborough's Kingdom of Plants
    Tue 1 Jan - Fri 31 Mar
    Sky Atlantic
    Celebrated British broadcaster Sir David Attenborough concludes his absorbing journey around London's Kew Gardens, where he discovers how some plants...
  • 7 more episodes TV on demandDon't Sit in the Front Row
    Thu 1 Aug - Thu 31 Aug
    Sky Atlantic
    Milton Jones, Gina Yashere and Joe Lycett trawl through the lives of four more Front Rowers looking for laughs in...
  • TV on demandDumbstruck
    Who's the Dummy?
    Thu 10 May - Mon 30 Mar
    Sky Atlantic
    This award-winning documentary follows five ventriloquists on a variety of funny and touching journeys as they strive to make their...
  • 3 more episodes TV on demandFalcon
    The Blind Man of Seville - Part Two
    Sun 10 Mar - Sun 30 Apr
    Sky Atlantic
    Falcón’s investigation unfolds as a twisted but intrinsic connection between the killer's behaviour and Falcón's family history emerges, and launches...
  • 9 more episodes TV on demandFish Town
    Sat 1 Jun - Tue 31 Dec
    Sky Atlantic
    17-year-old Logan realises his dream when he lands a job on the high seas as an apprentice deckhand, and landlady...
  • TV on demandFreakonomics
    Thu 29 Mar - Thu 12 Mar
    Sky Atlantic
    Based on the book by Steven D Levitt and Stephen J Dubner, this collection of documentaries explores the hidden side...
  • 1 more episode TV on demandGame of Thrones
    The Lion and the Rose
    Tue 15 Apr, 00:30 - Thu 15 May
    Sky Atlantic
    While Joffrey and Margaery host a breakfast, Stannis loses his patience with Davos. (Contains Violence, strong language and adult themes.)
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